The Sitefinity Knowledge Company

At United Experts we focus exclusively on Sitefinity; 14 years of development experience has been channelled towards the provision of prime Sitefinity CMS services; we hire top-notch Sitefinity experts that work together with Telerik and Sitefinity Partners to ensure that every project fulfils its potential.

Company Background

United Experts is a very efficiently organized small business run by respectable IT and business experts who built their knowledge on vast project experience and honorable degrees from prestigious universities. The company is organized as a "lifestyle business" where owners and employees use it as a tool that provides comfortable income and pleasant work environment. In order to achieve the letter goals we exceed our client’s expectations by delivering tangible value through our services which ensures that clients would reinvest part of the profit in further work with us, as well as secure pleasant and stress-free project environment for the benefit of both parties.

Quick Facts

Year Founded: 1997 in Florida, 1999 in California, 2001 in Croatia, 2010 in United Kingdom

Full Company Name: United Experts Technologies, Ltd.

Projects: Over 500 successful projects in 12 countries. See our portfolio

Prominent Clients: Coca Cola, Microsoft, Panasonic, PricewaterhouseCoopers, EBA

Core Services: Sitefinity services for end-users & Telerik partners

Our Clients


Our offer is targeted at big and small businesses who understand the benefits of quality implemented web solutions, thus around 75% of our clients are large enterprises while the remaining 25% are
from the SME sector.

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Why United Experts


We have more than 14 years of  industry experience, we focus only on Sitefinity, we are trusted by most successful companies and we hire only highly experienced experts with master and even doctoral degrees.

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Our Core Values


From our perspective, the classic client - service provider relationship does no longer exist; now we are all partners. Therefore it’s a good idea to start by checking each other’s core values for a proper match. 


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TRUSTED by Big & Small

Our clients benefit from diverse 14 year experience throughout which we have realized over 500 successful projects in 12 countries for clients ranging from micro businesses to large enterprises including:

Sitefinity with a cup of COFFEE !

CMS systems don’t have to be neither boring nor complex, particularly Sitefinity. At United Experts we create a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere around every project while emphasizing the idea that Sitefinity should be your new friend, something pleasant to start your day with, together with your cup of coffee! Furthermore, it emphasizes the fact that building a website should be an ongoing project which should fit in your daily routine. For web developers, it further means that developing with Sitefinity should bring you pleasure to pause, sit back and admire your work while sipping a cup of coffee. :)

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