Sitefinity Assistance & Support Services

On your demand, our senior Sitefinity specialists will provide assistance on using this powerful CMS or advise you regarding best practices related to Sitefinity or your website in general. The service is targeted to content editors, marketers, and managers.

Comfort & Assurance Provided by Senior Experts

Our Sitefinity Assistance services provide an ultimate peace of mind for any Sitefinity project. We do not hire inexperienced staff who would answer your questions by running through a knowledge database.

All our experts have in-depth knowledge of Sitefinity and senior-level experience on diverse web projects. They are able to resolve your issues on the spot! Get in touch with them whenever you need assistance with using this powerful CMS or when you need an advice regarding best practices.  

Assistance through Phone, E-mail
& Screen Sharing

Get in touch with our assistance staff through phone, a-mail or Screen Sharing; whatever you prefer or whatever is the most appropriate for a particular case. 

Most of our customers prefer combining phone and Screen Sharing / Desktop Sharing where our experts remotely control your PC while you are watching how to resolve an issue as if they were sitting right next to you.

Access to Online Helpdesk

For your convenience we provide you with access to Online Helpdesk where you can keep track of your assistance cases and account statistics, manage your account, and submit a question or request. Online Helpdesk also gives you a good overview of requirements that we gathered for future upgrades and updates on your project.

We Gather Your Requirements for Future Changes & Updates

As we help you with Sitefinity and assist you how to best use it in your organization we would also gather requirements for future changes and updates on your project. Those may include requests for new functionality, changes in user interface, new ideas, bug fixes, etc.

On your request we would provide you with professionally prepared requirements in a well-structured document that you can pass on to your developers for implementation. This would make the job much easier for you and developers!

Monthly Check-up

For some projects it’s relevant to perform monthly checks to assure there are no issues pending with your project staff and that there are no overlooked mistakes on your website. 

We would check your website once a month for visible mistakes and perform phone / online meeting with relevant people from your organization to assure there are no pending issues, to discuss the project, and to gather potential requirements for changes and updates.

Sitefinity Services